Global Tissue Group announces the launch of DreamSoft packaging
- April 1, 2013 10:00 a.m.

Global Tissue Group, one of the largest private label paper manufacturers in the US, is excited to announce the release of DreamSoft, which are Glow in the Dark facial tissue boxes.

With the improvements in converting technology, innovation continues to flourish at Global Tissue Group with the introduction of DreamSoft. Our new Glow in the Dark facial tissue boxes will ignite the imagination of both the young and old with boxes that glow brightly in the dark for hours.

This new line of packaging can easily provide a touch of ambience to a darkened room and are ideal for children's rooms to provide extra comfort at bedtime. Both adults and children will enjoy the relaxing glow of our DreamSoft tissue boxes as you fall asleep. Global Tissue Group has created innovative facial box designs to capture the imagination and maximize the glowing appearance.

Founded in 1998, the family-owned and operated company is a New York based paper manufacturer that can develop an ideal private label program for any retailer. The company is committed to creating a positive impact on the Earth and strives to be Globally Green. The launch of our DreamSoft packaging marks another step towards the reduction of energy use from batteries and outlets from more conventional night-time lighting.

With all the success in innovation that Global Tissue Group has accomplished, GTG will always be the low cost provider of high quality private label paper products for all retail channels. Global Tissue Group is committed to providing great products at a competitive value for your home. It is the satisfaction of our customers that measures the quality of our performance. We understand that part of that satisfaction comes from having the products you want and need available to you.

To learn more about GTG products you can visit us at or you can call us toll free at (866) 484-6659.

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